So I’m thinking none of you are out there today …Everyone is either recovering from seeing the Star Wars movie or in line to see it again …..Well..Okay …So you’ll read this on Monday RIGHT?

There was a time seeing movies on opening day was a thrill, I was one of those 75 Million. Now, I’m just as happy to wait until the kids are back in school and an afternoon empty theater will be fine. BUT, I know the thrill for this one and so I’m excited for all of you that are out there …..Don’t TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS! Okay?

This is my week: SPOILER ALERT — (If you haven’t seen the Big Bang Theory don’t read any further) 

Luther (BBC AMERICA 2015, Dir: Sam Miller) — What can I say? Watching Idris Elba is a very not guilty pleasure ( I refuse to be guilty enjoying something this much, its like Ben&Jerry’s dipped bacon; you are so past feeling bad about it)…He moves, he thinks, he feels deeply. I found the death of Justin Ripley unsettling and dissatisfying. It almost had to happen – but there was something incredibly awkward and almost gratuitous about it. We start this special 2 part Episode with a visit from Justin with Luther standing literally on the precipice of his life.  There are a few continuity issues that bother me and another dissatisfying death….like…yeah but NO. So now you really have to watch it and decide. Is she or isn’t she?



SHAMY DID IT! (Big Bang Theory, CBS)–  Yeah… believe it or not…This was an overly packed episode- With out failure one of the funniest they’ve done. Whil Wheaton is hysterical, and no one else matters but Sheldon and Amy – the other scenes have to be L O L funny to even be noticed…..Very Well Done..I couldn’t imagine how they would handle this scenario…unless it was accidental -some way of making it happen with out Sheldon realizing until it was over?? but the writers deserve extra kudos for making a hilarious yet sensitive television iconic event. In the middle of their 10th season the show is taking a new risk in allowing the characters to mature.