SPOILER of a sort ……..If you haven’t seen ANT MAN …come back to this column after you’ve seen it …..okay?

CRASH (2004, Writer / Director Paul Haggis) — 2004 as a busy year for me ..I was trying to wrap up my teaching / Bachelor degrees in combination with a double major….and being a single parent…and working ….whew…so going to the movie theater was not a top priority. However, my Aunt, who has good taste in films, insisted this was the film to watch. Had to be seen on the big screen and please go see it NOW so we can talk about it. So I saw it with her, then again by myself and then a third time with some friends. By then I felt like I had seen all the vignettes equally and was able to emotionally absorb all of the events. So much happens. So many messages. So much sadness. So much joy. So many many incredible actors doing some of their best most poignant work. Don Cheadle gets some of the best speeches of the film, as does Chris Bridges (Ludacris). Everyone shines, from the characters you hate to the ones you love – the acting in tiny moments gives every person in the cast that few seconds to change your life. Michael Pena’s moments stand out for me as the most heart wrenching and true. I felt his emotional levels jump off the screen, when he was terrified, joyful and relieved it came together in sweeping palpable moments. So worth watching. With tissues and some Ben & Jerry’s  chubby Hubby ice cream.

Cesar Chavez (2014, Director Diego Luna) — oohhh..feel so bad that I haven’t seen this yet …I promise to add a referendum to this, its on my list ….but I wanted to mention it because I’m hoping someone will comment ….I have so much going on and I promise this one is on the top of my list!

ANT MAN (2015, Director Peyton Reed) — so what happened was ….We try to have a date night every other week, no matter what. Usually that is dinner out and some great conversation etc…this week I saw that Ant-Man was at the dollar movie ..yes,I still say that even though its really 4 dollars now. I felt bad about it. We kept saying we would go, we would make time to have a day together, see a movie etc….and here it was about 3 months since the release. .and …..so …it was a great day! Mexican food for lunch at our favorite little place, a walk in Downtown Farmington and even though it was Tuesday the farmer’s market was open and a guy playing the guitar. Then a 4 o’clock movie for 4 dollars. ha!


its always delightful for me when I can interrupt everyone’s viewing by exclaiming isn’t that Evangeline Lilly? Isnt’ that Michael Douglas? oh…look its Bobby Cannavale! and Wood HARRIS! and Judy Greer, and MICHAEL PENA ! I can only say ..that Michael Pena is sweet and funny on screen. He has this look, like …oh yeah..we are gonna have fun now ….and it makes me laugh / smile / get right into the action……Ant Man reached the right levels of comedy, love story, action adventure and science fiction ….a really good blend …..even the CGI hit the right notes …..I didn’t’ get that, ugh..so much silver/blue this is CGI annoyance …..technology is starting to catch up with my expectations. None of the side kicks ( T.I., David Dastmalchian, Michael Pena) are over the top goofy or take themselves too seriously. I did feel as if a few of Michael’s scenes could have been longer, like they had moments that could have been used better….but over all …a fun movie. One of the best of the Marvel series.