Are you spending an evening (or two) after everyone is in bed  wrapping gifts?? You’ll need a few things to watch that are just enough of entertaining, mindless and heart warming .

So light a fire (or some candles), pour a glass of wine, get all your supplies out and don’t forget to clear a generous space on the coffee table or the floor for maximum wrapping leverage.

The Holiday (2006, dir & Writer: Nancy Meyers) — its funny because if you asked, I would normally say I don’t care for anyone in this film….except Eli Wallach (more on that later)……Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Black and Kate Winslet in a typical no surprises, sweet film. The dialogue is good, the editing a smidge choppy ….but then enter Eli Wallach …a few moments of Shelley Berman, Rufus Sewell and a odd but interesting award ceremony with Wallach and you have a delightful film.

Home for the Holidays (1995, dir: Jodie Foster) —  Foster has a true talent for making people complex and likable in awkward situations. A strangely delightful cast includes Geraldine Chaplin, Steve Guttenberg, Clair Danes and Amy Yasbeck ….starring the always fun Holly Hunter, a quiet and tense Robert Downey Jr, and the beautifully thoughtful Anne Bancroft….. If you care, you really have to watch the film to follow the dialogue…but if you are wrapping presents and just have it on…its just as well…

The Bishop’s Wife (1947, dir: Henry Koster) — Such a sweet and adorable holiday romp — notice Elsa Lanchester and Monty Wolly…..starring the sauve and softly comical David Niven and Cary Grant with the lovely Loretta Young. Beautifully filmed, great chatty dialogue.