I love love a quiet early morning; the windows are open people!! Quiet is a relative term of course, I am used to the city noises so things are quiet to me with the sound of traffic, the occasional dog barking and the tweet tweet twittle of squirrels fighting over something with the birds. Kids on the block are still sleeping and the grown up have all left for work so it is a quiet half hour or so right around 8:30 am on this Friday in Detroit ………….I have a local roast from Kalamazoo this morning fresh ground adding just a dash of cinnamon and a smidgen of cream. So let’s get on with the real gossip……..

What a long and generous life for Mr. Gene Wilder! I am grateful for his work in so many funny films such as “Blazing Saddles”, “Young Frankenstein” and of course, “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”. Our local theater, The Old Redford as its affectionately known, is showing a few of Mr. Wilder’s films this season as homage. “Blazzing Saddles” on September 16th and “Young Frankenstein” on October 21. Also note that the 1928 theater is having a Noir Film Festival  September 23rd with double features all weekend.


Clicking around last evening I found myself yet again mesmerized by “Desperately  Seeking Susan” and having to defend my 27 or 37 the viewing ….yes, I am watching it AGAIN…its only twice this year ….geeesh ….to the guy who has seen every Godzilla movie 400 times…you would think he would completely get it …..I am for that hour (or 20 minutes depending on what moment I happen to click to it, you know how that goes) taken back to being uncertain if I am Susan or Roberta now. With every viewing I have been in a different mode having some combined personality of one or both with a little of Jimmy and Dez thrown in ….I am occasionally the neighbor who delivers Chinese food ….but even in 1985 I found myself wondering who I fit in with …..I was never really as naive and closed off as Roberta with Gary and certainly never as truly cool as Susan with Jimmy……but then a little Marshaw Crenshaw song comes on and I get back to being just me, the coffee shop writer.


Episode One of THE GET DOWN (2016 Netflix), the Baz Luhrmann 1970s bronx tale of Disco, hip hop and friendship was everything good about Baz….generous, open, fairytale realism. I will write more on this later..unable to binge this week I will have to take things slowly and let you know, or you let me know …and we can meet next week someplace in the middle to talk it over.

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Things to watch this weekend with out spending too much time indoors ………


KING KONG ( 1933, Dir: Cooper & Schoedsack) — this film has everything you need – adventure, action, emotional resonance and a pretty girl. \

Clash of the Titans ( 2010, Dir: Louis Leterrier) –Strongly recommend a comparison movie marathon with this and the 1981 Harry Hamlin version……Sam Worthington is a terrific but forgettable hero (Sorry Sam).

Tangled (2010, Dir: Howard & Greno) – Sweet family film everyone will enjoy, silly & cute with just a touch of girl power and a nod to traditional romance fair …..

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014, Dir: Wes Anderson) — There is a certain type of watcher for Wes Anderson films, you either love him or hate his style – I love his films ….however, the Grand Budapest is an Anderson style with a extra dash of silly that I think will appeal to a wider group so give it a try. Great appearances by a terrific cast of folks you can’t help but giggle at the casting choices …..– with one side note: its rated R, don’t watch it with your kids.