I really did so well with my summer Netflix watching. Really. Alias was one or two episodes every evening while I did some sorting or other mindless work. The 5 seasons took weeks and weeks to watch, it was so enjoyable. Other shows, I’ve managed to take several shows slowly and savor the experience.


STRANGER THINGS (Netflix, summer 2016, Duffer Bros) — I don’t wax nostalgic for most things 1980s. The big glasses, I miss those…I hate seeing the fuzzy edges on these small frames even tho I get the biggest ones the eye doctor carries. So annoying. I can also say our music was interesting and unusual. Okay and maybe our movies were pretty good ….so we will try to ignore the clothes, the drugs and that silly big hair and the attitude of Alex P. Keaton ….but here comes a show that takes some of the best parts of the 80s mixes them together …Think Goonies, Poltergeist and Aliens in a blender with some Secret of Nimh splashed on top. Winona Rider is terrific, definitely an actress who becomes the role. Joyce is loving & tender, neurotic & needy, strong & determined with Ms. Rider playing her at all those levels in completely believable moments. All of the children are brilliant casting choices, as are the teenagers…the layering of characters within story and story within characters doesn’t get muddled. Flashbacks, scary places, heart aches, teen angst…A perfect fit all around.

So get ready….you will love it and want to tell all your friends to watch it.