Flipping channels during commercials is my fun spot. Its so wonderful to have streaming and DVR options but when confronted with actual airing – the tendency is to travel around the air waves until I’ve forgotten what it was I was actually watching. This is how I happened upon the reruns of the Cybill show (CBS 1995-1998 Created by Chuck Lorre, yes, that one) on the LAFF network.  Of course, I had to stop and take a few moments to revisit this show since seeing the wonderful Alicia Witt in the Walking Dead this past season. The talented actress was such a funny and quirky character as Zoe, Cybill’s daughter with her second ex husband Ira. It was a pleasure to watch a few episodes of the show. Isn’t it time for a Cybill reboot? How does she deal with being an older actress with grandchildren? Did she ever get married again? Can Chuck Lorre do mature thoughtful writing for a 21st century female cast?


This is of course the era of television that brought us

Roseanne (ABC, 1988-1997) — Still a force to be reckoned with as so many people who started here are now big stars of television; a force of nature that propelled many acting and writing careers. Sara Gilbert, who played Darlene the middle child full of angst is now a producer and star of CBS show THE TALK. Johnny Galecki star of the BIG BANG THEORY was rescue puppy David, the sweet answer to bad boy brother Mark (played beautifully by the late Glenn Quinn).  Still holds up funny in reruns but I’m not sure a new audience would find that emotional connection of an honest quirky portrayal of motherhood. Great for laughs and of course guest stars. A charming and delightful last acting note to the odd Shirley Shrift (SHELLEY WINTERS) roommate to Marilyn Monroe, cousin to Tony Curtis, as Roseanne’s favorite woman Nana Mary.

Doug (Nickelodeon 1991-1999) — The cartoon version of every 80’s kid’s childhood. Parents relate to it as much as kids do, its sweet, honest and imaginative.

Northern Exposure (CBS 1991-95) — Such hope for this one when it started and then it just fizzled out …it came like a cold breeze and hugged the audience with warm characters and quirky tales ….only to ….who knows? Rumors abound but ultimately ….its still very much worth watching.

Home Improvement ABC 1991 -1999) — Now this is television; While Roseanne held us up on Tuesday nights with worn and torn tee-shirts as a hint to what happens if you don’t study hard, Mr. More Power Tim Taylor kept us warm under a blanket of standard middle-class family fair. With a sweet level headed wife and 3 adorable borderline bratty kids, Tim prevailed as the bumbling good heartfelt  father figure to all. Although the bothersome one note story prevalent in many sitcoms of the time had fathers as head of household regardless of the fact that they were thoughtless selfish child like creatures held to a better standard by bossy wives….Tim and crew pulled it off with charm. Showing all the sweet ways of life if you worked hard and could fix up stuff with expensive tools – Tim Taylor was a dying breed and we loved him. He meant well and always came through in the end (as long as someone told him how). Funny, but rather slow to the laugh.



On a personal note about pleasure for a fellow blogger, My Torti, Clover, is the queen beeyotch from heck…Since she first came to live with us over 18 years ago she was unable to control her attack mode . I am usually the only one who can approach her, hold her and see the signs when she is ready for attack…..Its a pleasure overload. She gets all sweet and lovely then slash!! But I love her madly. So wear gloves and long sleeves and love your new kitty. Its all worth it.