What is it about the small screen? The women are just totally kick ass and not taking names…When you think of it – this has been the case from the start of television ….Lucy & Ethel, ran that show with both physical and emotional humor. Donna Reed, Hazel, Aunt Bee, Mrs. Brady,  ..so many woman who were really in charge. Soap Opera’s always had the coolest female villains in daytime and nighttime shows.  The first show that really hit me with its female super hero was “Dark Angel”, there was no stopping Max and sitting on top of the space needle to think and reflect on the world was inspirational. I am still waiting for James Cameron to take up that character again.

Lately I’ve been joyfully watching “Orphan Black ” on BBC American (Thursdays 10pm) and “Alias” (ABC 2001 -2006) on Netflix while reflecting on the slowness of this trend onto the big screen. A spattering of women with physical power and super cleverness is still over shadowed by so many in supporting, not even side kick, characters that make pretty scenery. Let’s give full credit to Scarlett Johanson and Chloe Grace Moretz for taking on (all) the roles but we must have more and more and more of them seen on screen. We need a new generation Pam Grier and a next generation Geena Davis.

A recent request by two top level actresses interested in playing  James Bond was met with tittering and the revamped “Ghostbusters” is getting scorn and mocking as much as interest. While understandable that the reaction to remaking any favorite film is often met with dislike, using females in traditional male roles brings about a certain level of discomfort (if this applies to you, take a second look- why does it bother you? Not why is it wrong of THEM but why is it bothering YOU).

Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy catching up on Jennifer Garner in “Alias” and trying to figure out if Tatiana Maslany is really triplets.