Its been a very grey and blah winter, I’m waiting desperately to have a day with the windows open and to feel warmth on my skin. I haven’t seen my shadow in months…..where are MY creeps going to play? My friend HER WAKING WORLD has the shadow world on notice …but here in Michigan the shadow is elusive…….On the plus side it offers so many opportunities for saying why not spend the afternoon watching a movie? Something in black n white?


Shadow of a Doubt (1943, Dir: Hitchcock) – Joseph Cotton always strikes me as that creepy guy, he is so perfect for everything shadowy and noir in visual story telling. He stands too close, laughs to loud and has this look in his eye like something will change at any moment. Teresa Wright is so beautifully the girl next store, a strong but inviting personality with a smile that lights up the room….but just enough wariness to make you think danger could be afoot. Be sure to watch this one with a friend.

The Shadow Knows (1994, Dir: Russell Mulcahy) – You really should ask, how is that people who can’t act keep getting movies? For sure, I have no answer. Alec Baldwin is the eptitmy of schmarmy charm and while he was delightful in that TV show with Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski, um…oh right 30 Rock……there are too many bad movies with his name on them to justify his always getting another movie ….(think: The Marrying Man …???) ……If you are a movie plus comic plus shadow have to watch this. Otherwise, just go out for some ice cream instead.

Dark Shadows (1966-71, creator Dan Curtis) — What delightful concept for the 60s! A campy soap opera with a vampire ….In the highlight years of the television soap it works. Today it appears slow and overly melodramatic even for soap lovers – but give it a try – lots of fun to see actors you might recognize and get a sense of scene and character development.


A note in closing: the sun came out for awhile today – improved the mood around here! So glad to be rid of all those shades of grey upon grey, even for a few hours.