or should the title be Confessions of a TV Junkie #475,502 ? What joy its been the past few weeks – letting the beginnings and endings of shows wash over us. The drama has been in the fan base even when its not on the screen. Its so nice to have people excited and interested in shows again after several lack luster seasons. We watched 2 1/2 men simply out of fear that if we didn’t something amazing would happen while it got sadder and sadder to view. We lumped along with vast array of Criminal Law with some forensic quality mysteries sort of hoping for David Caruso to glare at us again or please please Grisham whisper to the dominatrix. Alas, a new road of shock and awe has come along….

Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt (Netflix 2015-New episodes available) — Not as pithy as the first season but such a great concept and the wonderful Carol Kane. The writing has moved someplace just to the left (hahaha, one inch to the left if you see where I’m going) of its previous cleverness. Perhaps Jude Apatow has been a bad influence as we have some potty jokes and a burp in every episode. Overall I have to give this show its proper due and respect, some very clever use of actors and guests along with social commentary that occasionally knocks you in the head (dead horse wise).

Orphan Black (BBC America 2013-present) — Really, how does she do it? Tatiana Maslany does shine through in some of the characters, but she also has long long scenes where she gets completely lost inside the story and you have to wonder; does she have a twin? is that really her? The premier episode for Season 4 takes a step way back to the story of Beth Childs.  It was easy to pass her by and adore Sarah as Beth – easier to dismiss any attachment to Beth and her suicide because we had Sarah, Allison and the other clone sisters….but now as the story dips back into the origin, we get to know her and Art at a new level…..Its a good way to step into the story as the many roads and characters can twist the audience around …now there is a fresh sense of okay, here we go. Watch on BBC American online ….

Fear The Walking Dead (AMC 2015- present) – As the new season begins it unfortunately carries the weight of an angry fan base. Upset over being forced to lunge into BADLANDS to get inside info on The Walking Dead previews, as well as super pissed about the cliffhanger ending with Negan’s one scene – the audience is ripe for disliking anything to do with FtWD. Sunday’s at 9pm probably was not the best choice either considering the upset and the upcoming premiere at the same time next week of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

While the base story format is terrific, the production values are amazing and yet, the lackluster cast and story framing leave a lot to be desired. Some of the limitations of the cast may be directional, holding back until the real meaty bits of the story begin. However, when you have scenes with Ruben Blades, who’s mere glance gives such depth and meaning, it makes the other actors appear more afternoon soap opera than night time thriller. Given many plus’s and the adoration for Kirkman’s Walking Dead – the fans are going to hang in and carefully critique every moment.