The Ranch (Netflix, 2016) – Sam Elliot, Debra Winger, Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher have to watch it right? …..NO…Don’t bother. Its so bad and stiff that even Debra Winger’s few moments of greatness can’t fix it. Sam is decent, Danny is ..well. ..tee hee…so cute. But the acting is apologetic, the laughs are whimpering and the jokes are …not worthy of whimpering laughter. So so sorry Ashton, I know you are trying -but reviving the sitcom isn’t really that easy uh? While Jerrod Carmichael can be forgiven for a stilted uneven sitcom while he attends the learning curve, all of these high hitters should know better…….this one is a big NO. Thank you.

First we have the dreamer son who left home and didn’t quite make it — his dreams are not living up to his hard drinking and screw up potential. Then we have the son who stayed and drank hard to keep the farm going with the super cranky Dad. MMmmmmmm……I’ve seen this format before? A lot?

Why is everyone suddenly an alcoholic? Jessica Jones,hard boiled detective -drunk all the time. Every character in Daredevil, drinking, drunk or hung over. Every couple on House Hunting Reno Rehab makes wine and needs room to entertain while drinking. Do we not know how to be social with out some sort of lubricant? But, forgive me, I digress.

Drunk family, Mom owns a bar. Uh..I think we have a theme going here. Debra Winger is the most relaxed and able to deliver lines that seem natural …her body language and facial expressions are not stiffened or overly harsh like the other actors. And while her acting is refreshing in the scenes, she can’t save the awkward dialogue or lend aid to the stiff wait for the forced laughter to end moments …….

Simply adoring these actors doesn’t help, its not one of those “OH these guys are so great give it a few episodes”. Its just not working.