My intention was not to watch the OSCAR show……and although I have previously acknowledged that I am not blaming the academy for its all over whiteness…I do think there is a principle involved. Then the universe provided me with the devil of all happy co-inky-dinks– and the Walking Dead is on Sunday nights ….so..the hardship of ignoring the Academy Awards is actually a reward of its own.

If by chance Walkers, biters, lame brains and the occasional squirrel is not your cup of tea, I give you wonderful choices of what to watch instead:

ELIZABETH (1998, dir; Shekhar Kapur) – Nominated for best cinematographer Remi Adefarasin. You don’t have to be a historic buff to love this film; the costume design is only made more magnificent by the cinematography ..its  simply glorious. The performances are wonderful but you will loose your breath to its beauty.

RAY (2004, dir: Taylor Hackford)Nominated for best costume SHAREN DAVIS, who was also nominated for DREAMGIRLS in the same category. This film’s lead, Jamie Fox won the award for Best Actor – his performance is twofold amazing when you don’t see the personality and fame emanate from Fox during the film…he is Ray Charles.

The Last King Of Scotland (2006, dir: Kevin MacDonald) – There are several films I feel warrant Forest Whitaker’s nomination, his performances even in small roles are always outstanding.. …but winning for this portrayal of Adi Amin was all but certain. He moves through the scenes as if on air, but so solid and corporeal as to hold down the very Earth itself. A brilliant performance well deserved of the Academy Award.