My little brother is having brain surgery….I am having the most surreal week….like…I’ve fallen to the side and the world looks all askew ……BRAIN SURGERY. That is weird. Meanwhile, they think he is answering the questions to the best of his ability ….I think he is joking with them…with John ..its really really hard to tell…..he has the best dry sense of humor …so since they don’t know him ..they are going to operate.

So this is what I’m thinking about today …..


Memento (2000, dir/writer: Christopher Nolan) — Such a great cast! A guy who can’t remember anything tries to put his world back together through a series of notes and investigations. Its film noir for the brain damaged. Some of the story has bumps and bits that you kinda go ..mmmmm……but over all a great must view film. Joey Pants and Mark Boone gotta love it.

Young Frankenstein (1974 dir: Mel Brooks) — One of my brother’s favorite films….and how many times we have relived the Abby Normal gag …lol…I hope they don’t put a normal brain inside my brother…because he needs to be Abby Normal for us …..Now, if you haven’t seen it you must watch with a group of friends and try to learn the songs for next time. If you have seen it, its time to rewatch because its brilliant gag film making.

Gaslight (1944, dir: George Cukor) – Another film with such a myriad of reasons to watch …from the director George Cukor to the brilliant Ingrid Bergman to the touching story of a woman being driven mad..or is she?