SAG Awards, Idris Elba and Happy Birthday Mr. Clark Gable or aka The Filmmaven’s rant number 235,450 about some stuff that happened and a few TV shows……

SAG Awards — is about working actors & crew members who united to provide creative protection for its members or you could say a good old American WORKER”S UNION. Its history, if you follow the link…is an incredible story in itself.

The awards (Aired on Jan 30, 2016 on TNT & TBS) gave acknowledgement to a widely diverse membership that I felt more connected to over all. There is work to be done to feature wide and even more diverse options but give credit to the SAG for their inclusion. Special KUDOS to the cast of Orange is the New Black who won for best assemble cast in the medium of Television. A show that not only features a large scope of diversity but acknowledges color and ethnic diversity in its story lines and dialogue. A WHOO HOO note to Idris Elba who won for both LUTHER and BEASTS OF NO NATION. He always gives a stunning performance and well deserves both awards.

Happy Birthday on February 1 (1901) to Mr. Clark Gable. So lovely on the screen. If you are in the mood for laughter try:

It Happened One Night (1934, dir; Frank Capra) — A rom com that most of today’s rom com’s wish they could be ….Claudette Colbert more than holds her own against manly force of nature that is Clark Gable.

Magambo (1953, dir John Ford) — First watch the film, then find all the gossip surrounding the cast..its Hollywood ….daha dunna nnaaaaa………on location. Not a great script but with this hopeful and talented director the story does take shape and is not horrible.

and back to television: Its hard to resist anything with Ray Liotta. He is always entertaining and manages to be some really interesting characters. So I’m a little curious how he ended up in “Shades of Blue” (NBC, Thursdays 9pm). Its not bad. Its not great, but certainly worth a look. Liotta is perfect as the gritty good guy / bad guy leader of a terrific cast of not so good cops. Drea De Maetto, Vincent Laresca, Santino Fontana, Dayo Okeniyi and the other team members are terrific actors. Yet, the show itself manages to jump the shark at least twice in every episode and am I the only one seriously bothered by the fact that no one from the seasoned detectives to the FBI uses gloves on a crime scene or especially when secretly searching a suspects private space?  Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta are a good draw and their scenes are extremely well done. Its just not possible for them to be the zing that lets some of the major flaws go by.

Mr. Robot (USA Network) – Great concept, intense scripts and amazing performances by Rami Malek and Christian Slater. Stunning moments from Gloria Rubens (ER, Deep in My Heart, Lincoln). and yet……I’m just not sure I care about whatever secret we haven’t been told. Its sort of hovering around the edges. Really terrific performances and a great concept, oh did I say that? yeah..I’m hopeful season 2 will pull me in….Can someone please pet Flipper? Flipper