There is a temptation when talking about certain subjects to enter with care, with a light humorous tone that will feel inclusive and entertaining while making a point. We shall call it a teaching moment . Perhaps it is more than a temptation, but a necessity. If I approached many varied subjects with the wrath and disgust I feel, everyone would run away or move to duck n cover mode. So here I go, with my cup of French Roast (lightly sweetened with the International Delight’s new Simply Pure Hazelnut creamer, SO GOOD!), a smile on my face and a sweet adorable entre vuex paragraph of the Film Maven’s Lecture series to say ……People …..your white privilege is showing and its seriously NOT ATTRACTIVE.

You know that dress that Bjorn wore with the swan looking dead over her shoulder? and you liked it, or wanted to like it…but felt repulsed at the same time? Yeah…Its like that. Its inventive, its sort of acceptably artistic but it is really and truly grossing me out.

Film Maven, why do movies, or movie awards matter? Shouldn’t we (as a country, as black people, as women; like many pointed out this week)- be worried about more serious issues? 

When no black faces are present, center and noted in our most visible human story telling medium the United States of America, which creates some of the most watched films around the world, should sit up and take notice, should be embarrassed, should be shocked, should stand up and say – HOLD ON. Wait. Let’s go back over this. Something is not right.

In a year which films had death threats and hatred spilled onto a black actor (Star Wars Storm Trooper conflict) for daring to be in a film – Yes, the absence of people of color should be noted AND protested – LOUDLY. This is not about the Oscar’s …I support boycotting the event – but also do not lay the blame on the Academy. The blame lays with the audience, the idea that a year with out people acclaiming over black films, black actors went unnoticed.

Human story telling is heard / seen most often through film. If you are not seeing black actors and actresses in major roles, academy worthy story telling in the year 2015. TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN, 21st century. Something is wrong and trust my words; its not the lack of brilliant black actors & actresses.

Films are about making money. Films are cast, written, produced and advertised to make money. So studios and producers will tell the stories that you, the audience, will pay to see. So you, dear audience – hold the key – hold the power – to have the stories told, with the actors you want, with the backgrounds that will excite you…..if you don’t demand diversity, fairness, and reflect that with cash – nothing will change. We will all go comfortable back to the same story being told over and over again, with the flavor of the month being in all the major films. Thus, my heading for this rant: Your white privilege is showing (its hanging out like a piece of TP out the back of your pants).

So we lead a very unpleasant trail ..from film, to schools, to water, to death by black being a crime. The dots are there to follow. Its not only about an award show. Its about accepting, even arguing the point that black people just didn’t act good. For an entire years worth of films. In 2015.