I’ve been in a funk. I just don’t care. I’m waiting on the sidelines for “Better Call Saul” to start and all other shows / movies seem like …”WHATEVER”. I promised my inner filmmaven to watch as many new things as possible over the holiday week….but I didn’t. Instead I read books, took down all the decorations, rearranged the living room and watched BUFFY & DEXTER.

Why I asked my brain…WHY …would you be obsessive over something you’ve already seen more than once?? I think there might be something hypnotic in the theme songs …or subliminal messages in the credits?

No worries – I found a grove to pick up and her name is JESSICA JONES …–and maybe one or two other things that you should watch ….. So here we have a bit of TV to binge, a few small movies to love and one small nod to a costume designer;


A Little Chaos (2014, Dir: Alan Rickman) – Not something I was looking for, although I do have a fondness for the time period and the historical characters….It needs to be something WOW for me to put time aside for a long, slow period work ….Alan Rickman (your favorite evil Professor Snape, as well as the big bad of DIE HARD) hasn’t directed on film since “The Winter’s Gues”  in 1997 (also very much worth watching) so this one became a curiosity that crept up on me …..So, watch for whatever your reasons are; Love story, epic French History, Kate Winslet, beautiful fabric and design choices by Joan Bergin or a fascination with gardens ..whatever it takes..but choose a quiet day around the house and watch this pretty film. (available this month on HBO)

The Box Trolls (2014, Dir: Anthony Stacchi & Graham Annable) – The story itself is not new or even all that interesting ….the plot line is dot dot dot familiar. The watching is in the art, the beautiful ugly art of 3-D Stop Animation ….its clever, its gorgeous, its hideous – its more than watchable…its a wow moment that is sad and horrible when its over …you just want MORE ! Clever and gorgeously done.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones (2015- , Netflix, various Directors) — Many attempts to create tough powerful female characters often mimic what it means to be a male character with a few feminine fault lines…..Jessica Jones and the series in general, does not drop its characters in anything restrictive – they are comic book classic with powers and angst but well round and full with back stories, character flaws and emotion. Pulling along the development of characters through the entire season, giving the audience just enough snippets to make us care what happens to them. Special nod to the casting of Carrie-Anne Moss and Rebecca DeMornay ..both actresses add just enough high quality turn of scenes to enhance the show but not mock the other actors. Yes, I binged over the week to finish out the season, but not in one sitting, savor the episodes just a few at a time.