What to watch now that television has gone on winter break, the Holiday season movies are not out until after next week AND shopping for the right gift has become …a looming deadline?

Its almost here …STAR WARS opens in theaters December 18, 2015 ..but I’m already really annoyed by seeing the merchandise and can’t even have my morning coffee with out pouring Spiced Latte creamer from Chewbacca’s head ….(which by the by, are for sale empty on eBay for 10 bucks for all five, now that does make me laugh).

But …will I recommend that before the big reveal you watch ALL the other Star Wars films to be ready? No. if you haven’ seen them by now (or are just too young to have experienced the first two rounds) hold off….watch them AFTER you experience the new one. I’m using my all around experience to suggest that this will be different and fresh in a way that can stand on its own.

If you are shopping for that new filmmaven prodigy, the box set of Star Wars films is the prefect item (and anyone related to a person who OWNS a light-saber or thinks Howard Walowitz is COOL, please buy it for them!)

It appears once again in the coming soon round of films we are not going any place new …revamps, redux and part 3, 4 and 5 ….What is Sly thinking?? Batman? A Spike Lee based on Greek Tragedy? …..oh wait…something ‘fresh’ …..Will Farrell with Marky Mark…….ooops nope,that was “The Other Guys”.  ooohhh Hollyweird ….you are amusing if not original.


If you aren’t watching AGENTS of SHIELD (ABC)

…its time to get caught up. It just keeps getting better.

If you have a certain type of film/director/actor etc…..find what else they have done and watch something you normally wouldn’t bother with, as in…

Richard Armitage was so good in the Hobbit, so you really need to see …..

North & South (mini Series, 2004) — Surprisingly fun to watch and a good distraction.

MI-5 (TV Series, also called SPOOKS) – Such a great cast and wonderfully intertwined, 8 seasons should keep you really busy all winter break! Don’t stop, its good all the way through. Great pacing, just enough surprises and intrigue.