Pieces of April (2003, dir & writer:Peter Hedges) — I just adore Patricia Clarkson, there is something in her voice and her expression that I think -wow- I bet I would like her for reals. She can be pleasantly annoying while being understandably cranky and emotional. As the Mom to goth/punk April (Katie Holmes) Patricia works it in the worst ways. This film works so well as it confuddles and confunks all concepts of family, holidays, cooking a turkey and quirky cute girls.

Cold Turkey (1971, dir: Norman Lear) — Fun, silly, serious, adorable, and that is just the writing. Let’s talk casting – Bob Newhart with Dick Van Dyke is just the cherry on top of a really interesting cast, you have to watch carefully – don’t be distracted – these are comic deliveries that need your attention. Watch for: Jean Stapleton (Edith Bunker), Edward Everett Horton (Top Hat, Its a mad mad mad world), Tom Poston (Newhart), Bob & Ray (Experts on the Komodo Dragon), Judith Lowry, Barnard Hughes, Paul Benedict, M. Emmet Walsh (I know right?), Vincent Gardenia, Woodrow Parfrey……and I’m sure you’ll recognize a few more …..A silly romp that holds up as well as can be expected for a movie that was canned for 2 years…..

and one I would love to view made in Turkey…….has any one seen this?

Dracula in Instanbul (1953, dir: Mehmet Muhtar) — Now this has to be good in that bad way that Dracula movies are awful and wonderful AND made in Turkey? I am on the hunt ! If you have seen it..Please share your thoughts ….


Happy TURKEY Day !! I will be cooking and watching cartoons, or maybe Dexter? Its my guilty pleasure binge favorite.