I get so torn with options…its the suffering of plenty …where to go? More scary movies? Intelligent contemplation of death? or joyful remembrances of those gone?

I think I’ve had enough of the scary and the slasher for now, yet not really in the mood for deep feels.  Let’s go with something a little more quirky and celebratory.

Book of Life (2014, dir; Jorge Gutierrez)  — a fun, scary, rompy musical with great songs and bright colorful animation. I think the story falls just short becoming too much love story but carries it well with the action and terrific animation. Fun to watch, might be too scary and wild for younger viewers. Delightful refreshing film for adults after all the gory slasher films of the past month!

This inspires me to stay on a Mexican theme; 

Frida (2002, dir: Julie Taymor) —  I think this film created an interest and delight in the stories of artists and women; is it just me? Or have you noticed the trend too? ..anyway: a beautiful film that celebrates the life and art of the dynamic Frida Kahlo with out over glorifying her; she is a human heroine. Flawed, complicated, beautiful, talented,  tormented by life and her choices. Salma Hayek was born to play this role, she is Frida with every breath and movement. Wonderful casting choices, beautifully filmed; hitting all the right  places of interest and drama. A really nice choice for an afternoon of movie watching that might even get your teens to pull up a chair and hang out.

ooohhhhh ..Now that we are on a trend with love stories and complicated lives ….later today, around dusk as you are settling in for the evening with a cuddle partner, this next film will require a quiet room with low lighting: 

Like Water for Chocolate (1992, dir: Alfonso Arau) — I know you are wondering, Filmmaven, why are you getting all romantic and sweet right now ??? Well don’t worry – chocolate in mexico is not always sweet and creamy ..sometimes its bitter and harsh …like life itself…. A wonderful (WONDERFUL) example of magical realism, the novel by Laura Esquivel is one of those amazing once in awhile books that you just can’t put down. Its so captivating and full of whoa moments that you have to keep going ….only a particular director with just the right heady flights of fancy could pull off making it into a film …Alfonso Arau does accomplish this and watching the film is just as enchanting.

I want to recommend NO COOKING for any of these films; try to keep neutral and steady with your consumption until they are watched. Halloween candy and popcorn balls are fine.

Dia de Los Muertos, may your ancestors find you with peace and gratitude.