Saturday afternoon in Detroit …..the Old Redford Theatre …..a beautiful and comfortable AND reasonably priced venue to see films. I admit I was equally as excited to see “Son of Goldzilla” as I was to meet and greet with the GHOUL..


An affable and generous host, Ron Sweed, in his GHOUL persona took about 900 Detroit area ‘kids’ back to the 1970s.  The event was fresh, yet familiar, fun and entertaining for all ages. From the cost of the ticket, 7 dollars a person; to the treats, Sweet Potato Sensation chocolate cookies  $2.50 for a bag of 4 cookies, and popcorn for 2 bucks! TO: the comfy new seats (don’t let the new places fool you, these cushiony wonders are much more comfortable than any place I’ve been in years) it was a delightful event all around. I will gush just a bit more and declare that if you ever have the chance to see the GHOUL, jump for it, he hasn’t changed a bit.

Son of Godzilla (1967, Dir: Jun Fukuda) —  Truly, my favorite of all the Godzilla films …it has all the features; evil foes (Giant Spider, Giant Preying Mantis), super bad over acting (with screaming and thrashing about), decent acting (oh, those cute love birds), a secret and mysterious woman (is she a mermaid? mmm…watch and find out!)…….and of course, the baby Godzilla (how can a really super creepy costume can be so adorable ???)

This week we have a plethora of fun scary and creepy movies to watch but there are some smart channels that will do more than the usual Friday the 13th  and Halloween (all are good, not dissing anyone) typical fare: THIS TV is showing two Godzilla Features today AND tomorrow Dracula vs. Frankenstein …so don’t settle for the same old same old ..find something a little different….a little bit off the beaten path so to speak.

What do I recommend? oh..I’m glad you ask …..find these if you dare:

Having a date night? Candles, Thai food and …..

The Phantom of the Opera (1925, Dir: Rupert Julian) —  is it romantic? or is it stalkerish? …..or is it just a guy, tortured by life, who loves a girl he knows he can’t have …but wants to help her anyway? It often depends on how creepy vs. attractive the Phantom is ….Lon Chaney does an amazing job of being super incredibly wrong and creepy in this version. Cling to your lover while watching the tragedy unfold.

A group of friends want to laugh and have a fun movie marathon? 

 House on Haunted Hill (1959, dir: William Castle) — Scary, campy, fun and weird — for film mavens and students pay attention to the smoothness of Vincent Price and Elisha Cook, jr……for period fans, the clothes are so good (who was the costumer on this one?) ..but for those just having that fun movie marathon – the balance between spooky and campy will keep you entertained.

 Peeping Tom (1960, dir; William Powell) —  A movie you should only watch in a crowd — gets under your skin and stays with you you need a group of good friends who will laugh and silly you right out of the terror ……’m still not over it.

What Can I watch with my family that we haven’t seen a dozen or more times already? 

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966, dir: Alan Rafkin) — Cute and safe scary fun but it will make you want to build secret passage ways in your home ……

MUNSTER, GO HOME! (1966, dir: Earl Mellamy) — Cute and safe scary fun for the whole family…The Munster’s go to England…even if your kids are already familiar with the TV Show, this is an odd fun longer episode.