Its all his fault. Seriously. You can blame the GHOUL.

While I definately had an infinity for television and the dawn of color and controversial sitcoms for some of my obsession, it was quirky movies and the GHOUL that really sent me over the edge. When asked for my favorite movie, I struggle with an answer. As you know from previous rants, I really REALLY hate lists. I don’t have favorites. Except in moments. Yet, that isn’t completely true.

I can always say  “Attack of the Mushroom People” (Matango, 1963)is my favorite movie. Its always on the (nonexistent) list. Along with “Pyschomania” (The Death Wheelers, 1973).

Why? WHY ? You might ask. Well….its because of the GHOUL.

Late at night I struggled so desperately to keep my eyes open. I must finish this movie. I must. But I never really made it. Was it the frog? The Cheese WHIZ? Or the films? I don’t know. But to this day I remember so well the thrill of these movies. The cheesy acting, the choppy editing to fit in all the commercials, the really bad music, all add up to preteen excitement that set me on a path of love for super bad movies.  Not just bad movies like “City of Angels” but really really bad like “Plan 9 from Outer Space” (1959) and “Howard the Duck” (1986).

This is my tribute to my non list of favorite films that are good for being so so awful – Thanks Ghoul and Froggy with a side note nod to Ghoulardi; we couldn’t have done it with you:

Matango (1963) – Directed by Ishiro Honda — Such wonderful creepiness, you don’t have to really understand what is going on to enjoy this almost psychedelic romp through alien? governmental experiments? adventure. Good acting through a bad script and uncertain story.

The Death Wheelers (1973) — Directed by Don Sharp — Haha…its difficult to describe this one; I’ve mentioned it before when talking about George Sanders, who is funny in this….Demented biker gang figures out how to come back from the dead. But is it a biker flick? A Voodoo picture? about sin and redemption? The danger of a 1960’s counterculture? The power of stone hedge?  ….No….probably not. Silly, choppy, over dubbed, uncertain what it wants to tell you …..Make popcorn and enjoy!

A sincere thanks to Ron Sweed for an interesting child hood and introduction to horror films.