Movies are often the thing we need to carry us away …take off those burdens and escape to another place …Comedies are more plentiful in hard times; notice now action adventure super hero is the big wig, as the society recovers from war and economic woes, but lest us nay forget the need for true comedy; Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Mae West and the like ..Those who mix the sad and desperate with the comedic and take away all our worries.

If you are recovering from a broken heart and need some belly laughs with that tub of ice cream:

DUCK SOUP (1933) Dir: Leo McCary – Best when viewed with others, a fun kind of rompy laughter that you just want to be along with a group. Have a few girls in – make popcorn, a blush wine and laugh!

Need to hide from the world and do a movie marathon: 

My Little Chickadee (1940) – dir; Edward c. Cline – Start with this one to set the mood, written by Mae West and WC Fields, its choppy and inconsistent and full of no way did they say that? moments. Only 83 minutes so have this lined up next:

She Done Him Wrong (1933) – dir; Lowell Sherman – Cary Grant, as pretty as they come …and nothing wrong with watching it just to see him ….

Arsenic and Old Lace ( 1944) – dir; Frank Capra – Yes, save this one as the end cap – just when you are all snuggled down into the cushions and the popcorn is gone, you think you might fall asleep and WHAM …you get hit with the comic genius that is Cary Grant and the Brewster’s. You won’t believe what is hiding in the basement.

I just need a break to perk me up & feel sophisticated;

High Society (1956) – dir; Charles Walters -Just plain fun and a little bit romantic ..the sets, the clothes and the dialogue are better than the acting….sort of adorable.  A nice little break from the norms…