Ladies and Film Geeks, you just watch the movies he suggested (and do a little kitchen dance while making dinner). ponies

Ponies (2011) — Dir. Nick Sandow – (Available on Demand) There is nothing likable about Drazen (John Ventimiglia) except his friends (Kevin Corrigan and Babs Olusanmonkun). While you really do want to like him, because life is just hard sometimes, there is no where for the audience to find depth or quality in this character. Luckily, that doesn’t take away from the absolute charm of this film. There are a few moments that feel repetitive but lead into a quirky and entertaining path.  I find myself questioning, what really happened here?

some guy

Some Guy Who Kills People (2011) – – Dir. Jack Perez –  I feel bereft in not mentioning this film in the blog from earlier today (Sunday July 26…Kevin Corrigan ….I’m listening to Podcasts and feeling so connected) but since it was recommended I watched it again this afternoon on youtube. Everything about this movie is entertaining, the cast, the pacing, the mystery, and the dialogue. When you have Karen Black in a film, you having something. She is both subtle and stark with just an edge of creepy and you’d like her to be the murderer. Barry Bostwick as the town sheriff is both inappropriate and dim, still a higher caliber person than a few of the other characters and probably not the murderer. Kevin Corrigan waxes between being small and damaged then smart and cool but always maintains funny and weird.

I have 2B (2009) on my must watch list ..if anyone out there has seen it – give it a shout out in the comments and tell us what you think ….