Please ….let me carry on about Peter Dinklage …I will be straight with you…I started watching Game of Thrones because of him and I was right. Sigh…..He is that good.

Living in Oblivion (1995) – The first time I saw him, I watched this film on DVD probably around 2000 ..having a crush on Steven Buscemi makes you watch weird things …but Peter Dinklage was a grumpy splash of WOW in a rather slow yet interesting film. His scene is small and cliche but it was like, mmmm…I bet we will see him in more things.

The Station Agent (2003) – Talk about being blown away. A great film from all aspects. Bobby Cannavale, Patricia Clarkson, Paula Garces all amazing. Terrific story, well paced film, interesting vistas. but yes, Peter Dinklage is like magic on the screen. He is handsome, complex, and has just enough roughness to  fall into the anti-hero hero that works in modern / 21st century filmmaking.

All the other things you should watch him in …”Nip/Tuck” …a good tv show, didn’t wow me but a decent soap opera. “I love You too” (2010) so well done, we will have to talk more about it later….”Death at a Funeral” (2010) — the english version is so so much better.

Game of Thrones (HBO, Sunday 9pm) –  a little something for everyone and more boobs than you need. HBO producers have a fascination with breasts, I won’t even go near the psychological blathering on that topic. Otherwise, a feature film quality soap opera driven dragon fueled fun fest for all!! and Peter Dinklage. They have sent his character Tyrion, (do we blame the writer George R R Martin? or the show?) through some wonderful dramatic events only to ship him aside to float along while we wait for something ….the build up is tension filled and hopefully going to be satisfactory and not end with …another red wedding scene. Tyrion is loveable in love or drunkenly sad and lonely. Standing up to the screen presence of Leana Headey, Charles Dance and Iain Glen shows the depth of Peter’s talents. Can’t wait for more.