So often in social media one is asked to name their favorite or pick between 2 icons, given a firmly stated best of or even worse offered a ‘review’. I hate them all…and then am guilty of offering up my own lengthy opinion to which, lets be real…I am always right.

I scoff and roll my eyes at lists. The top ten, the most important 100, the worst 5 …are always wrong. Only once in all the years of reading about film has anyone gotten a list right. Someone else’s list is so colored by their own limited viewing. Certainly the writer would have included film I love or hate if only they had actually watched the same ones. Lists are subjective to the whims of the writer….and are even at that, simply lists for a moment. The moment of writing. The minute its published to the reader, it is already irrelevant. I can’t offer a list of my 10 favorite films because between now and the time it takes to type I will have changed my mind or watched another film. So the only thing I can tell you about any list is how very very wrong it is to have written the list.

Favorites. Pick between two well established and beloved items. The choice actually does say a lot about the person choosing. If you are offered Bette Davis and Joan Crawford …I have to double dog dare you to pick. There is no right answer except, BOTH. If you are offered the choice between “Laura” (1944) and “Casablanca” (1942) the answer will tell us all we need to know about you as a film watcher.

There is no way to sincerely choose between Michael Jackson and Prince, Whitney Houston or Mary J. Blige, Elvis or the Beatles. One might pick songs that mean something in their lives but to seriously choose THE BEST between them is not a job for people.

Reviews….Why I hate them? They are not reviews but previews. I don’t read them and ignore all press until after I’ve seen something. I don’t want a synopsis of an entire movie or I would read the book. Didn’t reviewers have opinions? I can’t seem to find any …so often they relay the plot and a few key scenes. Well… I’ve seen the ads Thank you. Just tell me if you liked it.  I sort of take that back about Elvis Mitchell…Some films I will read what he has to say, I respect his style and opinion.

I tip back a bit on using the world hate. I know that is a bit strong. Yet, I do find myself distinctly loosing quality respect for journalist outlets that put out lists, favorites or previews.