I am the ultimate hater of reality. Shows. Or more accurately the new development of so called reality shows that cater to the worst of the worst of us as human beings. Most of them I do not understand, and even seeing the commercials I need to take a 30 minute shower, meditate and then get drunk.

I have often loved real reality shows, “American Ballroom Challenge” on PBS, loved loved LOVED that show. The first two seasons of “Real World” (yeah, I know, I’m that old, so what?) I found absolutely fascinating. I fell in love with Pedro, lamented Puck and completely crushed on Jacinda (wait, what season was London?). In the more recent incarnation (the past 10 years???) REALITY Shows have gone from bad to worse to pitiful and disgusting……..Dancing with Stars? No. No.NO.  We are not watching dance competitions but personality disorders in bright lights and fluff costumes. Where is Tony Meredith with those calming tones describing the difficulty of arm space and head position? Housewives? who don’t house and are rarely wives? People who are famous for simply being famous? Women who compete with vile contempt for each other over a rose? Watching people emotionally batter each other is a modern form of vampyrism. Sucking the angry, embarrassment and lustful feelings out into our living rooms is just unhealthy on all sides. Its an unfortunate reflection of the state of our society. Its like we have all been stunted by teenage hormones and have stayed in 9th grade watching endless loops of best friend revenge dreams.

Yes….and after saying all that, …..I have to now confess; I watched “Married at First Sight” (FYI Network, Tuesdays 9pm) AND have become totally enamored with Nicole Curtis on “Rehab Addict” (HGtv, Thursday 9:30pm). I still claim the idea that reality television is scripted AND over-produced to the amount of having nothing to do with reality but are more like filmy dreams of the prepubescent…but ….how CUTE are Ryan and Jaclyn? I went into this trying to keep an open mind and finding out just how the experts would lay out these scenarios and found myself wishing that Jaclyn would fall for Ryan.

By the second episode I found myself emotionally involved with this couple. I want the best for them, I feel touched by the attempt of these people to push past some of the garbage of dating to find love and commitment. If it turns out they are all in it to be famous, I will be seriously disappointed! You need to watch from the beginning and see the development of these relationships. I’m giddily caught up in the dynamics of strangers thrown together in this weird intimate situation. I am vampire delighting.

I could do an entire rant just on Nicole Curtis, and I think I will save her for that …..just suffice it to say I am inspired and joyful after watching a few episodes. Highly recommended.

I am also thrilled to share that “American Ballroom Challenge” returns April 24th 10:30pm to PBS for a 5th season…….I’ve been waiting a really long time for this one and while I will miss my favorite couple, Ben Ermis and Shalene Archer Ermis, I do so look forward to watching real dancing and dance STARS.