Too often I like the things that no one else likes ….this can be both self gratifying and heart breaking. I didn’t start watching “Buffy” until it had switched stations and only 4 of us paid any attention. I never understood “Friends” but loved “Ellen’s sitcom whatever it was called”. Still lamenting over the cancellation of “Dark Angel” which I thought had amazing soap opera / sci fi potential if they could just get the main characters together and keep bringing in hot guys from her past (aka that guy from “Supernatural”). DON’T even get me started on “Firefly”.

For the first time in several years, I am enjoying what everyone is watching. Go figure. Don’t worry- NO SPOILERS here…….

The Walking Dead – AMC Sunday nights (Season 5 Finale March 29, 2015 9pm)-

This could go on for pages. I was enthralled by the first lingering clock shot and am excited plus opinionated on everything else they do for this show. You can feel the elation of the actors as they perform and as they meet & greet with media and fans …If you aren’t following the big bald head on twitter and instagram, shame on you.

Its gross, its emotionally immature, its funny and it lets us, the fans, in on everything little thing. Interactive television at its best for new technology. I can highly recommend binge watching the first 4 season on your choice of streaming TV ..Hulu, Netflix ..whatever place you can find it. Dissect it, talk it over with other fans and then just when you think you can’t stand to wait until October for a new season read the comics and listen to the Governor books on audio.

My review is this: Its great television with terrific special effects and mediocre to fair acting with characters and performers you will fall in love with to the point of forgiving the deaths and betrayals.

EMPIRE – Fox Wednesday 9pm (1st season) – 

Of course a first inclination is to compare Taraji and Terence within this drama to their counter parts in “Hustle n Flow” a film I still rave about and remains on my all time favorite list (even though I really hate lists). Since so many people have not seen the film we shall skip on over to the elements that do have people talking and me sitting on a fence.

From the first episode I was intrigued. This has something …its familiar, its shocking, its filled with great music and actors I adore. Its Shakespeare ….no doubt about it ….King Lear all over the place.

Unfortunately, its also filled with simplistic stereotyping and catering to a comfort level while attempting to shock with other elements as distraction from the bad writing.

Now…before you hate me. I do watch, I do cheer, I do cuss Lucious out and sing along with the songs. This is good television.

HOWEVER, I need more. I need a little more depth of character. I need a little more background that isn’t about stereotypical moments but human events. We have seen Lucious throw his baby boy in the trash can in flashbacks at least 6 times that I counted and while traumatic and dramatic …its one moment in almost 30 years of being a father …..go deeper, go sideways.

I many people carry on about the gay character….what can I say about that? I don’t care, if the characters are written with depth and dimension….the controversy gets more people to watch ….but how will they keep these viewers? By letting us care….by getting past the one (and a half) dimensions to create real (ish) people.

Big Bang Theory – CBS Thursdays / Mondays (?) 8pm – 

is anyone else finding Kaley Cuoco’s character grating? As the ‘fun’ element in the show I have enjoyed seeing her grow and even develop these female attachments with Bernadette and Amy (best freaking character ever on a show). They have depth and comedy and dramedy. Yet lately, between the drinking and the bitchiness…I don’t know what they are doing with her ????? Besides mocking their brains and disliking everything about her boyfriend – what is her point of being there?

Come on ..get us back to that light fun and silly stuff …..with cool science. Let our dear sweet and pretty Penny find her own sense of wonder and excitement. K?