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Too often I like the things that no one else likes ….this can be both self gratifying and heart breaking. I didn’t start watching “Buffy” until it had switched stations and only 4 of us paid any attention. I never understood “Friends” but loved “Ellen’s sitcom whatever it was called”. Still lamenting over the cancellation of “Dark Angel” which I thought had amazing soap opera / sci fi potential if they could just get the main characters together and keep bringing in hot guys from her past (aka that guy from “Supernatural”). DON’T even get me started on “Firefly”.

For the first time in several years, I am enjoying what everyone is watching. Go figure. Don’t worry- NO SPOILERS here…….

The Walking Dead – AMC Sunday nights (Season 5 Finale March 29, 2015 9pm)-

This could go on for pages. I was enthralled by the first lingering clock shot and…

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