I recently found myself munching on free snacks at a huge box store, wandering isles I don’t normally bother with and discovered …Coffee ….an entire half isle dedicated to my favorite drink. I don’t mind admitting that I had a “Moscow on the Hudson” moment every time I walk in the main doors ….but this …this was …it was a Cary Grant swooning moment for sure …..As soon as I started talking to myself and stuttering out loud some inner salvation instinct kicked in and I grabbed the prettiest bag near me and fled to the checkout lane.

So here I am on this new adventure with you to write about film and casually have a morning chat over coffee with the deliriously delicious beans from Guatemala…..at the request of my coffee drinking partner who likes a pot going all day I am currently using a Mr. Coffee…which is fine ..but I will rant more on that another time ….for now I will say that these freshly ground beans swirled with a bit of cream are distracting me from the point of this blathering …which is to somehow introduce myself and my need to write and hopefully chat with you ……

Its a moderately cold and snowy winter here in Detroit (Michigan). With only one major snow storm (of 15 inches) and a few days below zero I really have no excuse for staying indoors. Yet, the coffee is hot and the availability of films and tv is mind numbingly wonderful. I’m waiting patiently for the mid-late-early-feb episode of “Walking Dead” and can’t wait for “Game of Thrones” to start. I think this tells you a lot about me – I write because I have to, the demons won’t get out of my brain unless the words rattle on the page …..My taste’s are eclectic and my opinions are too oft not on track with most….but that’s okay since I’m also always right and persuasive (or did I mean argumentative?).

For anyone who catches this …..Please drop a note – I want to know your favorite film, your favorite book and if you mention more than 5 of each we might become best friends.